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Why aren’t creative teams involved in creative development?

In 25 years of researching advertising ideas, I have met the team that created the work on fewer than a dozen projects.  This is madness.  Everyone would acknowledge that, if researchers are to make an effective contribution to the development … Continue reading

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Marketers are people too

Why producing strong marketing ideas often requires the removal of your ‘marketing hat’. One of the core roles of qualitative research is to connect marketing teams and their agencies with the people* who are buying their products and processing their … Continue reading

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Our mission is to annoy

The effect of a business’s mission statement can be the opposite to that intended, creating cynicism and demotivation. We have all been there: the company’s office with its brave new mission statement proudly displayed on the reception wall; the departments … Continue reading

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Ordinary people in original thinking shock

There is a view, widespread amongst creative communications agencies, that consumers have a strong preference for the familiar, making it difficult for genuinely original ideas to emerge successfully from development research and biasing the output in favour of tired and … Continue reading

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