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Why clever communications propositions usually aren’t

It’s much easier to originate a great creative communications idea from a strong proposition. Communications propositions should be as creative as the creative ideas they inspire. Too often, they are anything but. In an earlier blog, I talked about how … Continue reading

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What makes a great communications proposition?

However unfashionable it may be, I am inclined still to think of the ‘proposition’ as being the heart and soul of any communications brief: the single thought that, if absorbed by our ‘target consumer’, will engender the response we seek. … Continue reading

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If you can only research your ad idea once before you make it, what research should you do?

A TV advertising idea is rarely so brilliant that no-one feels the need to run some research before they commit the production money. But it is not uncommon that, by the time you get to a script you’re comfortable with, … Continue reading

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Social media monitoring and customer service: the answer, or part of the problem?

In an earlier post, ‘5 features of successful social sharing’, I enthused about social media monitoring and how assiduous and intelligent ‘listening’ to people’s behaviour and attitudes around brands and market sectors could inspire effective marketing initiatives. This is only … Continue reading

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