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Coca-Cola’s ‘new’ brand purpose – how to be right and wrong at the same time

3-minute read You will have seen in the marketing press that Coca-Cola recently unveiled its new brand purpose, ‘Unite and uplift’, alongside its new ad, ‘Could I be wrong?’. At the same time Walter Susini, Coke’s senior vice-president of marketing … Continue reading

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Why your advertising should be MAD

Putting together a reel of TV ads that I have helped develop during my 30 years in qualitative research has brought to mind many important lessons about brands, advertising and creative development. But one over-riding theme leapt out of the screen, … Continue reading

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6 reasons why I still love this job after 30 years

In 1987 I jumped ship from my job as an account supervisor in advertising to become a qualitative researcher.  It was much more a case of escaping from a problem than running to a solution.  But qual turned out to be much more than … Continue reading

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Why is Movement like Stormy Daniels?

Now, keep up! Stormy Daniels is not the sequel to the Beast From the East, but the name of the porn star Donald Trump’s lawyer paid in exchange for her silence about her extra-marital affair with The Donald in 2006. … Continue reading

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It’s tough being a grown-up: the challenges of Middle Age

As part of the course I recently completed on counselling and psychotherapy with WPF in London, I researched and wrote the following essay on Middle Age and the psychosocial issues that arise during this lifestage.  Naturally, being ‘of a certain age’ myself, … Continue reading

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What do you do when your agency can’t produce the goods?

When a brand’s advertising has consistently underperformed for years, the marketing team’s instinct is usually to blame its agency. But the culprit is often closer to home. A new client came to me last year with a problem. Their iconic … Continue reading

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Social media monitoring and customer service: the answer, or part of the problem?

In an earlier post, ‘5 features of successful social sharing’, I enthused about social media monitoring and how assiduous and intelligent ‘listening’ to people’s behaviour and attitudes around brands and market sectors could inspire effective marketing initiatives. This is only … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about growth

Agencies talk about using creativity to drive business, but are mostly passive servants of their clients’ cost-cutting agenda.  Does it have to be that way? I’m no economist, but I guess I’m not wrong in understanding that a business has … Continue reading

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I’m a celebrity (in an ad), get me out of here

Why do we love some ads featuring celebrities and hate others?  Is resorting to celebrity endorsement the lowest form of advertising, a substitute for a real idea, or can using a celebrity make an idea and a brand come alive?  … Continue reading

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How a ceramic pig changed my life

Waves of nostalgia wash over me when I see images of the piggy banks that NatWest has resurrected for its children’s account.  In a previous life as (whisper it) an account man at Leo Burnett, I was part of the … Continue reading

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