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Why your advertising should be MAD

Putting together a reel of TV ads that I have helped develop during my 30 years in qualitative research has brought to mind many important lessons about brands, advertising and creative development. But one over-riding theme leapt out of the screen, … Continue reading

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What do you do when your agency can’t produce the goods?

When a brand’s advertising has consistently underperformed for years, the marketing team’s instinct is usually to blame its agency. But the culprit is often closer to home. A new client came to me last year with a problem. Their iconic … Continue reading

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Researcher sought after murder of great creative idea

“Research kills great creative ideas”.  I heard it first when I started work at Leo Burnett in 1981, and hardly a month goes by without it being trotted out once more by some agency figure.  What’s to be done? It’s … Continue reading

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