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What do you do when your agency can’t produce the goods?

When a brand’s advertising has consistently underperformed for years, the marketing team’s instinct is usually to blame its agency. But the culprit is often closer to home. A new client came to me last year with a problem. Their iconic … Continue reading

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Why clever communications propositions usually aren’t

It’s much easier to originate a great creative communications idea from a strong proposition. Communications propositions should be as creative as the creative ideas they inspire. Too often, they are anything but. In an earlier blog, I talked about how … Continue reading

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What makes a great communications proposition?

However unfashionable it may be, I am inclined still to think of the ‘proposition’ as being the heart and soul of any communications brief: the single thought that, if absorbed by our ‘target consumer’, will engender the response we seek. … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to thinking?

A few years back I met with a client to discuss the set up of a vital and highly demanding strategic research project for one of the world’s biggest brands.  I was under huge pressure to complete the project in … Continue reading

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Marketers are people too

Why producing strong marketing ideas often requires the removal of your ‘marketing hat’. One of the core roles of qualitative research is to connect marketing teams and their agencies with the people* who are buying their products and processing their … Continue reading

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